Mental health discrimination and life insurance
Posted by seanmac
2nd Sep 2018

I have battled mental health issues for over 15 years and while that’s far shorter than many its been long enough for me, but one thing that I realised in recent years was one form of discrimination that no one seems to be working to beat.
And that is Life insurance, now I have been trying to get some life insurance for a number of years without any success all down to the fact that I have a diagnosis of Borderline personality disorder. I asked Vitality and others why, and they just said that I am to high risk, meaning I have a high risk of ending my life.
Now I might be naďve and silly but I genuinely was staggered to find that Suicide is not a void in a life insurance policy, the only time it is, is if you commit suicide within 2 years of taking a policy out. I just asked why not just make suicide a blanket void and they couldn’t answer the question.
Recent llyods bank where doing a promotion on twitter regarding mental health I asked them plainly do you offer life insurance to people with mental health issues and diagnosis, the response was “it depends on the diagnosis”. I find it staggering I am a father to 3 boys and I want to give them some protection if anything should ever happen to me, I went into getting life insurance believing that suicide would be a void or I have to pay a higher rate, instead I walked away feeling deflated and discriminated against. I spoke to my MP Maria Caufield about it and got no help.
I was forwarded the email that was from the assessor it said “denied personality disorder” that was the only words written in the email. I was staggered and hurt and felt completely bemused by my experience.
I would love for mental health organisations campaign to get further support for people battling mental health problems to get kinder treatment when trying to get life insurance. Its not only wording but it’s the treatment and lack of compassion.

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