The Purple Ladies
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10th Oct 2011

How can you talk about an illness noone can see,an illness that people would rather ridicule than understand,an illness i myself struggle to understand,yet it dominates my very being,i am it and it is me.Bipolar robbed me of a lot of my earlier years,misdiagnosis,my own fears,thoughts and lack of understanding,all of which are still evident now,despite my clinical diagnosis 7 years ago,Yet 1 year ago The Purple Ladies Fundraisers came about inspired by watching my daughter suffer with her eating disorder,being lonely isolated and scared another mental health illness to knock us down,and struggle to understand,even now my 15 year old son is under the adolescent mental health team,has been for 8 year,a suspected bipolar diagnosis yet to be confirmed and treated,a life story that would be too long to put here,so welcome to my intro to myself,my family.....The Purple Ladies x

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