In Life, You Never Know
Posted by fortheheartcries
24th Aug 2018

In life, you never know what might happen in a day. You wake-up early on a sunny morning. You have plans, things to do, positive expectations on how the day will unfold. You don't anticipate a suicide. Suicide is sudden and unexpected, like a lightning bolt across a bright blue sky - it comes out of nowhere. Suicide stuns and shocks you, a loved one lost, questions scream within you - how, when, where, why? Answers given but not heard, disbelief rages in your mind as you are overwhelmed by darkness and grief. A date on the calendar is now forever draped in black. Suicide ends a life in death and as it does, it steals life from the living. I am you. We are each other. And love lies bleeding in our hearts.

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