So sad, a girl is physically ill and is not being given courage by mental health staff to live
Posted by friendofsane
20th Aug 2018

I am so sad today. A young woman has developed suspected orbital

cellulitis on an acute psychiatric inpatient ward

the staff wouldn't take her to the emergency room

right away and now she has decided she doesn't care if the infection kills

her, and can't be persuaded even by her relatives to go. The relatives appear

to be hoping she will love herself enough to want to live, but because she

has self harmed so often, have basically apparently given up hope that she is

strong enough to fight in the world we live in and survive. I think they love

her, but not the way most parents would love their child if they were ill in

this way.

Theoretically the staff could do a capacity assessment and take her to the

emergency room anyway, but they haven't the desire to do that. I guess it is

really true the life of people with mental illness is deprioritised by

healthcare staff now.

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