Ways to find exercise by Amanda
Posted by SANE
15th Aug 2018

I really struggle to exercise; however, yesterday I was reading a pamphlet that said that exercise can be good for you in general but especially after a major loss. (I recently lost my maternal grandmother)

Here are six ways to find exercise options that are either low cost or free.

  1. Check your local college or university. Some schools offer classes either for free or class credit.
  2. Join a walking or running group. I personally used to walk with one of my neighbors. I now walk my dog in the evenings. I also like to run.
  3. Join a club. Some clubs may offer reduced prices or a free trial for a limited time. Weight lifting, Swimming, or dancing can be great club activities to look at.
  4. Do a sport you love! For me I love soccer, volleyball and basketball.
  5. Practice a sport you love even if it’s by yourself. Sometimes just shooting a basket or kicking a ball in your own backyard can be fun.
  6. Join a friend who is already working out at a local gym. Sometimes you can get a reduced or free credit if you get referred to a gym by a friend. Using the buddy system can help motivate you to go and workout.
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