My fragmented life
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25th Jul 2018

I have dissociative identity disorder.

I have had it all my life but only diagnosed recently due to a dissociative break down.

I am going to write how I feel here.

Sometimes it will be just one part of me feeling this and others parts will not feel this.

Currently I am feeling lost and alone. I am a small child hiding and hurt. I have no where to go and I am scared.

I need hugs

I am glad it is summer and I have to remind myself that it is July 25th 2018 and how old I am and that there is not need to be scared anymore.

It is hard as the feelings are so real and I want a parent who cares. I desperately want the love and care of a parent, I never had and it hurts. I feel that hurt.

I have to be a parent to myself.

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