Disposable Youth
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25th Jul 2018

Disposable Youth - by Ellen Deaville

"I’m worried that it’s already too late for me…” he said, looking past me in to the distance and sighing. At only fourteen years old Alex was dragging himself through the school day like an old man, already defeated. What on earth had happened in his short life to make him feel like this I wondered and it started me thinking how our world is so transient now, how disposable and fragile. Things are thrown away, shredded or replaced so easily and life has turned in to one big Drive Thru. We haven’t even got time to get out of our cars to eat or cook a proper meal, so the time we used to spend talking at meal times has vanished. Young people have grown up in an Instant Society and the concept of waiting for things is alien to them. We had far less possessions at their age, and if we rewind back another generation, then the only credit was the pawn shop! People saved up, mended things and were happy with less.    

But what has all this got to do with Alex, my discouraged fourteen year old? I presumed that his low comments were due to him being told in school that if he “didn’t get his act together” he would fail his GCSEs the following Summer, as that is something I hear often in an attempt to motivate students. But fear is never a motivator, as it just fills young people with a dread of exams and lowers their self-esteem. What they actually need is to glimpse a bright future with vibrant aspirations. So I sent Alex an email link the next day to the group of jobs he had asked me about and a few words of encouragement. He replied back straight away to say that “it was good to know that someone cared “ and I assured him that he had his whole life ahead of him. I suggested that he work towards his goals gradually and to practise the Art of Waiting rather than throwing away his hopes for the future.

Ellen’s book - ‘Just be Yourself’ is now available on Amazon.

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