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6th Oct 2011

Hope : an expectant desire; to trust with confidence; to look forward to with trust (English concise dictionary).

Don't ever give up hope. Sailing the rough seas of mental health is a long and arduous journey, I know, because i've sailed through many a rough storm during my 30 years of sailing with 'IT' .

'IT' is the name I give to the symptoms that are collectively named by the medical profession as 'Depression'. In trying to understand 'IT' and the feelings that 'IT' creates I have written down my experiences in the media of poetry.

As a celebration for my 50th birthday next year ive created a website at to tell my story via my 52 pieces of poetry. I hope you will visit my site and let me know what you think via my email address

Here are a few pieces from my poetry collection

16.PWD (The image that goes with this poem is of Black paw prints across the page !)

Im told Im a Professional With Depression (PWD)
ITs something I cant admit
Take time of work to fight once more from being dragged to the bottomless pit of IT

Im told Im a Professional With Depression (PWD)
Im expected to articulate, to travel the same path and career aspirations as most of my peer group mates.

Im told Im a Professional With Depression (PWD)
Trying to juggle highs and lows
To abide by my new living laws and deal with the psychological blows.

So, should this Professional With Depression (PWD)
Come out of the closet and
put real equality and diversity on the map? or will they think Im just neurotic and talking a load of crap?

47.Get Away Black Dog

Get away Black Dog
He said hes used to this cry of blame
Not just from you or me
But also from some rich and famous names.

Get away Black Dog
He said hed often hear Winston Churchill (P.M) say
Black Dog wished hed had a chance
to explain the errors of his way

Get away Black Dog
He said that he himself had often thought,
For he knew he had frequently over stepped the mark
and understood the darkened skies that he had brought.

And Black Dog said he wished to tell us about
the challenge of bringing him to heel and under control
which then would enable him to lead you back to the pathway of your soul:
That path that you had meant to take
before the black seas of life had taken hold.

Now Black Dog said he waits in hope for an aa-hhh! moment;
for a day when he might here the upbeat cries
of Getta way Black Dog! as we begin to realize,
that he was sent to try us ,so we learn to reach only for clear blue skies.

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