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24th Jul 2018

By Andre Petrolo

So it’s Sunday morning, the 22 July 2018 and my wife and I are sitting on the balcony of our flat off the gorgeous Portobello Road in West London, enjoying a bit of a cool breeze.  We’ve just finished speaking with my father on WhatsApp video as we do most weeks and she turns to me and starts to describe a dream she has just had the night before.  In it, she mentions that her ex partner of many years ago – now deceased due to a motorbike accident in their native Brazil - and the father of our son, appeared, and seemed to be asking her for forgiveness for the way he had neglected the boy and treated her (he’s actually a young man now of 26 years of age and his name is Filipe J).  She then starts talking about her deceased sister, Nadia, who passed away when she was just nine years old due to a heart condition and that she’d just started thinking about her the day before as she was massaging a client at her workplace around the corner from our home.

She mentions the second part of the dream, which features her in our flat now along with a former friend who once upon a time lived with us also, as well as a jazz musician playing jazz/blues music and goes on to tell me that she is still having trouble forgiving herself for how she used to treat her late sister.  In short, my wife Nubia was a very energetic child and had/has a rebellious streak.  As she was only a very young girl at the time and my in-laws hadn’t allowed her to understand the extent of Nadia’s heart condition, she admits to me to having felt very jealous at the attention and extra care Nadia received at the hands of my in-laws. 

Now, what’s interesting is this: Nadia’s birthday was the 6th of June – the same time that I was admitted to hospital a month ago.  You see – as I mentioned in my July blog, I was taken to hospital last month after suffering a major stress reaction to my previous job in an Autism School/Charity.  One of the things the doctors had to conduct tests on and rule out was any possible heart issues, which they did by running a CT Scan for precautionary purposes.  I was cleared of anything related to this.  After conversing some more, we realised that the incident with me going to hospital was closely aligned to what happened with her sister.  Carl Jung, the father of Analytical Psychology, called this a ‘Parallel Process’ – that is to say, when something happens in life, it can mirror another thing which needs resolution or attention. 

Now, what’s even more fascinating is the following picture.  Take a look and pay particular attention to the summer columns.

Notice that the elements of Fire and Earth are connected with the times of summer/late summer? In a meditation I practice known as Sahaja Yoga (I will include the link at the end of this blog for you so that those of you interested can explore it some more) and indeed in most Eastern practices, the sun is associated with the right channel or the right sympathetic nervous system), which controls our mental and physical activity.  Now, Nubia has been extraordinarily busy this year and in summer, we ‘feel the heat’ a bit moreso than the rest of the year – this can be true in life as it is in the season.  What happens as a result?  We’re often forced to slow down and rest as the heat makes us tired.  Further to this, whatever we’re faced with mentally can either be dealt with or – as Nubia often does – we busy ourselves with goals, ambitions (both short and long term) and generally treat this as a way of either processing what’s going on or pushing it to the background.  A quick glance at the Fire and Earth columns reveal that Pensiveness/Obsession and Focus/Nervousness and Worry are associated with this time of year too.  The organs associated are tongue and ears (which can be connected to what Nubia did in ‘confessing’ for want of a better term) and the patterns include giggling, laughing and singing.  Now – stay with me here – you might be fascinated to know that prior to her telling me this this morning, Nubia had been painting our balcony last night whilst listening to 80s songs on YouTube and – you guessed it – singing!  Furthermore, when we had been sitting in Hyde Park and soaking our feet in the Diana Fountain yesterday and having afternoon tea at the Lido cafe next to the Serpentine Lake, she had been extremely quiet.  Pensive is a word I would use to describe it.  When I later questioned her as to this, she revealed that she was obsessing about (another pattern associated with summer) – you guessed it – painting the balcony! J

I have included a link to Sahaja Yoga Canada which I have just come across on the internet, which explains further the channels which exist in our bodies and what gets stored there/how.  Here it is:

The picture I have included was courtesy of the Osteopath Nubia works for as a massage therapist and really highlights how subtle nature is in its design as far as orchestrating us to be in harmony with ourselves and it.  The subtle nature of our bodies and indeed our mental health can also be explored further by reading these books:

I’m OK, You’re OK by Thomas Harris

Jung: The Key Ideas by Ruth Snowden, renowned Jungian analyst and children’s fantasy author from New Zealand (part of the Teach Yourself Series of books)

Journey Within: The Final Steps to Self – Realisation by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

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