Five Staycation Ideas by Amanda
Posted by SANE
20th Jul 2018

You start flipping through your Instagram and Facebook accounts. You see friends and work colleagues sporting a tan, drinking wine, and enjoying themselves. However, you are stuck at home. Well, instead of feeling blue, use my Five Ways to Beat Summertime Blues, and plan a perfect low cost to free staycation.

If you are a history fan, like me, then you can scope out your local museum. Some museums offer discounts for students or groups. While you are visiting the local museum feel free to walk around and explore the other areas nearby. You might see something new or meet a new friend.

Go to your local park or beach and bring your pet along. It is fun to play with your pet. Tug, chase the waves or fetch are all fun options.

Volunteering is another fun staycation idea. Many places need volunteers. It is a great way to give back to your community, and to do something you love. SANE is always looking and needing volunteers.

Finally, enjoy time with yourself, watch Netflix, call an old friend, cook yourself your favorite meal. There is nothing wrong with pampering yourself. 

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