This Way Up
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19th Jul 2018

by Ellen M.J Deaville

HANDLE WITH CARE the parcel requested, prompting me to ponder how much easier life would be if we could all stick that label on ourselves when we need to. How amazing it would be to just opt out for a while when life has left our nerves sensitised and raw to the touch. When our emotional batteries are flat and tears spring from nowhere, or when criticism has left us deflated and doubting our own abilities. Perhaps the very people we thought were friends have let us down and our trust is broken after we have gone out of our way to go the extra mile. We have dragged ourselves in to work when we should have stayed off sick like others do? We could simply stick our HANDLE WITH CARE label on to give ourselves permission to float to the surface again and find the way back up.

A long time ago after a near death experience, I found myself in such a fragile place that the world became a frightening and full of obsessive thoughts and introspection. Every emotion was magnified out of all proportion and the fear that I had ‘gone mad’ was a very real one. I couldn’t see a way out, my exhausted mind haunted me in to panic attacks and my thoughts were stuck in a groove like a vinyl record playing the same fault over and over again.

Then, as has happened all my adult life, a wonderful book* came in to my life through my Mum, and it  guided me the way out of the Maze and gradually restored my nerves to normal intensity. It taught  me to accept my feelings for the time being by not adding second fear to my already over amplified feelings. This acceptance gradually stopped me from frightening myself and showed me how to work and live with those feelings for the time being and not run away from them. They gradually ceased to matter quite so much and this ‘not mattering’ was the release I needed and the foot hold back to eventual normality,

Now, when I have days when my nerves are sensitive again, I have learnt to stick my HANDLE WITH CARE label on myself and let my emotional batteries recharge themselves again, which they will once I step out of their way and let Nature do her restoration work.

*The book I mention is called ‘Self Help for Your Nerves’ by Dr Claire Weekes which has sold over 300,000 copies worldwide.

My own book ‘Just Be Yourself’ is available now on Amazon to download or as a paper back.

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