Five Ways to Beat Summertime Blues-by Amanda
Posted by SANE
9th Jul 2018

Many people are going away on summer vacation, and for some people going far away is not an option. So here are five ways to beat the summertime blues.

  1. Pamper yourself: take a hot bath with your favourite bath bombs, foaming soaps or just have a plain warm soak.
  2. Call a friend, plan a movie night, a trip to town to get lunch or just to visit town to do something fun.
  3. Just turn on some music and dance. I personally love to turn on some music and dance. There are lots of positive music to dance too. Check out  My Top Five Music Suggestions to Beat Stress to get the dance party started.
  4. Get technology involved. Take a free class. If you have a smart device, get it involved. Try asking for a game, joke, etc.
  5. Finally, dream big and plan your dream vacation. Just because you cannot afford it now, does not mean you have to quit. Cut out pictures, google main attractions and sites to visit and save change in a piggy bank. You will get there; just do not give up.
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