not well today
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5th Oct 2011

Today is Wednesday. I am off work and feeling ill. I've got a flu type bug and I keep feeling like I want to blackout. I felt shaky earlier. It's not sunny today so staying in on the computer and creating some new pieces of artwork. Hoping to put the on a 'stick' later to show my friends. Also looking for a new job as the one I am at now is not suited to me and it's time to go I think. Been looking since early this year and was so hoping not to be there by xmas.... Not working another one.
My cat has gone out on the prowl and probably won't be in until midnight knowing him and will be covered with leaves and twigs. He even gets towelled dried if it's been raining...Eats all of the expensive cat food and then takes half the sofa up at night...lazy cat but loveable.

Till next time. Nicky x

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