Getting to know me!
Posted by bro12
9th Jul 2018

So I don't know where to even begin really I just want a place where I can get everything off my chest. I am not a person that you would ever expect to have any problems I am always "happy" and try to be nice to people because I truly do believe that what goes around comes around. Well, here it goes it all started 1 year ago exactly around this time. My parents split up... not really the end of the world yh it hurt like a bitch but it happens to a lot of people and life goes on yh. Well, then Ill continue a couple months pass and it's my bday having a great day with my friends and then I get a call from, my mom, telling me my dad's mom is in really bad shape and I have to leave to go see her. I do I go see her she is in a coma not able to talk nothing and this woman was the only person in my family I ever got along with and ever really looked up to as a role model. Well, she died the day after I came to see her. Took me a while never really have gotten over that, but its okay because she was an amazing person who lived an amazing life and that's that I guess. So then the month after that my mom comes to visit me and says to me I have to tell you something. I thought that it was going to be that she kicked my dad out but I already knew because my sister had told me, so I thought I was doing pretty good I know what she is going to say I am fine its chill I expected that. Well she turns to me and she breaks out in tears and she says your dads gay. My heart literally jumped off a cliff and dragged the rest of me down with it. I have no problem with who people want to love, but what hurt is that he lied his whole life and had 2 children 1 including me that he really shouldn't have had. Well, I am not over his constant lying and well I know the only reason he came out now is that my grandma had died and my family isn't that open to people so he wasn't going to say anything. All he has done ever is looked out for himself never once thought about how his actions affect the people who love him the most. I hate him for lying every day I hate him for it, but at the same time I still want a relationship with him, he is my dad like I still love him. Though on top of it all my dad has other problems he is an alcoholic, and he abuses many substances including coke which I found in his car the other day. He doesn't understand the fucking shit he has pulled me my mom and my sister through I don't think he ever will. He doesn't accept help from anyone everyone is trying to help him overcome his substance abuse problems he doesn't listen he can't even go a couple hours without getting drunk off his ass, well this is only the icing on the cake I don't have the time or mental capacity to explain everything, but I had to try, so thank you!

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