Children Facing Change This Summer by Rhiannon Phillips-Bianco
Posted by rhi
6th Jul 2018


Facing change at this time of year
Can be a moment of joy or one of fear;
Excitement about the holidays ahead,
May combine with a sense of dread.

A change of teacher alone can be enough
But a new school or country is especially tough;
So during this busy end of year time,
Just look out carefully for those tell-tale signs:

Outbursts of anger or unexpected tears,
More arguments than usual with friends or peers;
Poor sleep or lack of appetite,
Or anything else that doesn’t feel quite right.

Create moments alone to be by their side
Listen and encourage them to confide;
Avoid solutions or judgement or ‘dry your tears’
Let them know The Strong express their fears.

It’s natural to feel uneasy about change,
Let’s show them it’s normal, rather than strange;
Let’s teach our children to express how they feel,
For it’s the very best way to help their hearts heal.

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