‘The day I got sectioned' by Liz Green
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2nd Jul 2018

A few short months ago I was sectioned under the mental health act. Until this point I’d never experienced the mental health system first hand, or had any of my own issues, I cannot ignore what I experienced. I was stuck in the system for 10 days in total and it’s left me feeling broken, heartbroken and sad. Don’t get me wrong I don’t feel down all the time, I am turning this challenge into an opportunity for positive change but it’s taking time and that’s ok. I know I have to speak up, share my truth about it all. So as well as feeling the heartbreak and the sadness I feel a newfound strength and a dash of courage and bravery for good measure.

You see what happened before I got sectioned was key, I was in a very stressful situation and went without sleep for days. I would say I had a nervous breakdown (apparently they don’t call it this anymore) to be fair no one told me what was happening throughout the whole process, I’ve done my own research. I experienced psychosis, I was absolutely terrified, I thought the world was ending, I thought everyone around me was dying, at one point I even thought I had died.

I was beyond scared. It went on for days. I didn’t know what to do and neither did my loved ones or my friends, it ended up with a phone call to 111 on a Sunday to try to get me a doctor or at least some sleeping tablets, neither of which was possible as it was the weekend. I was shouting in the background, saying I was scared and that we needed help, the person on the other end of the phone decided I was out of control and called 999.

My nightmare got even worse.

Words can’t express how scared I was. One of my coping mechanisms is humour so that featured in my journey too as I started to do weird and whacky stuff, the whole situation was completely out of control.

Trust me, it went from bad to worse.

I ended up stuck in the old outdated mental health system for 10 days, I was completely misunderstood. It was this experience which broke me, the place which should fix us and mend our broken wounds was the place which left me more vulnerable than ever before.

The medical folk used to use the analogy of a broken leg saying it would take time to heal.

It was as if I’d broken both my legs then they took me to hospital to try and train me for a marathon!

My brain was seriously broken and was about to explode!

Coming out was very hard, once again a serious lack of support. Thank goodness for my loved ones and thank goodness for my writing. Within 2 weeks I wrote the first draft of my story ‘The Day I Got Sectioned’, 310 pages of truth speaking, deep gritty and sometimes humorous too! It’s been a huge process and I know this is just the beginning,

I created a just giving fund for the book so at least I can get some copies printed for those who are ready to read it. A PR company picked it up as a story of interest and I’ve had contact from some newspapers, I am open to anything, trusting the process.

Not sure if I can add links to these blogs but in case you wanted a nosy here’s the page....

I’ve also popped the blurb for the back page below so you can have a read, I’d love to hear your comments and have your support too. Last year me and mum went to see Ruby Wax in Sheffield, I’d love for her to read it and maybe write a foreword. I believe that anything is possible, yes I admit it I am one of the ‘Crazy Ones’ and I won’t make myself small and keep quiet. The world needs more creative people who speak up and say it how it is otherwise nothing will ever change. Let’s be the change we wish to see in the world! One step at a time....

All my love,


‘The day I got sectioned by Liz green The true story of a slightly crazy sane woman’s journey into the madness of the mental health care system. This book will take you on a deep, gritty and sometimes humorous look inside what a nervous breakdown and psychosis can feel like first hand. The human mind, body and spirit can only take so much stress and sleeplessness until the brain goes pop! It could happen to any of us. It happened to Liz and she will not shrink into a pit of shame or self judgement, she will speak up from this vulnerable place and the truth will be heard! Follow her down the rabbit hole and be prepared to be shocked by what unfolds. Life will never be the same again.’

Ps the picture I used for this blog is for the cover of the book..... it was one of the looks I sported in the mental hospital and yes they are fag ends around my feet, the ‘Zen Garden’ was actually used as a smoking area for the Service Users aka inmates..... All’s revealed in the book!

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