Definitely not Normal
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2nd Jul 2018

Definitely not Normal - by Ellen M.J Deaville

I am definitely not Normal. I think in a different way to other people, I say things that surprise them and often laugh out loud. My timing is out and I always interrupt when a new idea springs to mind. No, definitely not Normal – and I don’t want to be! Lots of interesting people were not Normal either, so I am in good company. Writers… painters… musicians.. were all deemed to be mad in their day for creating things so totally unique that they were ridiculed or worse by small minded bullies, only to be hailed as geniuses after they died.

But our young people can learn something really important from these characters if we point it out to them. They can choose to review their expectations and follow a path that is not as popular, not the Norm. That could be choosing a more unusual career or inventing a completely new one! It might be starting a peculiar hobby or wanting to look different to other people their age, but don’t squash this urge or laugh. Encourage them to be individuals, to explore where they fit in and help them to prepare for the reactions of our straight laced society. Bullies hate ‘different’ people who dare to stand out from the crowd, and they are usually the ones who stir up all the trouble in school as they recruit their weak minded followers.

But employers actually like young people who aren’t afraid to be different and so do colleges and universities; they know that new experiences help to shape personalities. They know that young people can learn from mistakes, unravelling them like balls of string to make new discoveries about the society they are part of. Help young people to not try too hard to be Normal and give them the tools they need to be proud of their individuality. And if you see someone walking towards you cross over the street in an attempt to avoid you, don’t be upset. Stick your shoulders back and stride confidently past them knowing that all the people on your side of the street are probably trying to avoid them…

Ellen M.J Deaville's book Just Be Yourself is available on Amazon.

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