Depression, Anxiety, low self esteem and Psychosis
Posted by tjb31
30th Jun 2018

If you look at my picture or my blog/social media you will always see me smile. My mental health issues are due to being on a lot of medication and having high and low doses of medication to keep my rare disease and my mental health stable. Since being diagnosed with a physical illness it has taken its toll on my mental health. I'm not the confident, independent I was before I was diagnosed with both physical and mental health problems. I'm go through very low times but try my best to get through life. Mental state and depression is due to not being about to hold down a job I love because of my health. You have to find a purpose to get up in the morning. My anxiety comes on quite a lot when I'm Physically unwell. All I can do is try to think positive. Mental health nor poor physical health issues are nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. talking to others who can relate to how I'm feeling.

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