There she sits
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4th Oct 2011

There she sits on the bench by the dark murky water in the pond
Where the cloak of loneliness that enfolds around her wearily
This cloak is her robe of rejection and weighs heavily.
Around her the silence is deafening and she sits there selfishly

Motionless she sits, who is she? What is she? Why is she here?
Feeling her life blood seeping away, numbed of emotion or pain
To fade unnourished, for her spirit knows famine and drought
The wounds, the misery but most of all the loneliness of being her

Then the ripple in the water deflects her eyes and her gaze falters
Her silence momentarily halted, and there is the ugly duckling, alone
For that ugly duckling is she. Crying out for understanding and acceptance
There she sits questioning her existence and feelings of insecurity.

There she sits broken spirit, soulless mangled emotions, and tormented mind
So her selfish assault within continues, leaving her motionless and bewildered
Her broken heart has long lain trampled, broken and forgotten, but who cares?
There she sits weeping to unlistening ears, shameful she is born of this species.

She has come into her fatherís presence, and finally he reaches out to comfort her.
There she sits in fear, confused, mixed emotions, unsure of what is real or not
She feels small and humble in his presence as she sits before her father
She is unable to reach out, for her fear remains in her very being of this man

So you see her sitting silently by the pond, sometimes in quiet contemplation
No one ever reaches out to her, for fear of being drawn into her world of loneliness
She wants to reach out, but her shaken emotions unsettle her and she withdraws.
So there she sits in her world of silence, broken promises and the humility of her life.

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