#LetMeTalk Campaign by Amanda
Posted by SANE
28th Jun 2018

As I sat at my desk checking my emails that morning I received a newsletter talking about the #LetMeTalk campaign. I thought it was a wonderful idea to get people talking about how it’s okay to talk about mental health and to reach out for help.

This campaign made me reflect on my own journey of getting help through out-patient counseling. In 2015, I was depressed; there was no specific reason, rather it was a mixture of events that caused my depression to build. My family and friends all started to ask and drop hints that I should probably speak to someone about my mental health.

I did not want to speak to anyone, besides my best friend about my problems. I had counseling after my mother died when I was 16-years-old, and I had a bad experience with my therapist. My ex-therapist and I did not work well together, and I did not like her therapy techniques. I left that therapist only after a few sessions, and I thought I could figure myself out on my own. Things did calm down after a while, and I was hoping that it would be the same this time minus the counseling.

In October of 2015, I ended up going to see a nurse practitioner. Since I was getting so much pressure, and the fact that I was tired of feeling so down, I decided to open up and ask for help.

After a few weeks, and one office transfer, I found myself in the waiting room waiting for my first session to start. It was a rough session and it seemed to fly by. Soon It was time for my second, third, ect sessions. I was making small progress; that was because I was still resistant about getting the most out of therapy. However, with the support of my family and friends I started doing my homework. Two years later I was happier and feeling better. Because I was doing so well my therapy was then terminated.  I know now how to support my mental health.

I encourage anyone who feels that they need help to reach out. I did and it was one of the best choices I made.

Feel free to join the #LetMeTalk campaign by encouraging others to seek help; and feel free to make a donation.

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