Getting help from your support system: motivation by Amanda
Posted by SANE
28th Jun 2018

If you have read my article, When I lose Motivation: five Suggestions to get back on track, you know that one of the suggestions I offered was to have a support system.

Before you even begin to think of who you would like to have for support, you must first make a conscientious choice to be motivated and to stay motivated. You are going to have tough days; we all do. That is quite normal. That is where having a support system is important.

A support system can be made up of family members or friends, or perhaps a mixture of the two. Once you have identified the people you want for your support system, contact them and explain that you have decided to be motivated and ask for their support to help you through the tough times.

For me, I have the support of my family and a couple of close friends. Most of the time I feel motivated. When I am having a tough day, I call one of my friends and they help me come up with a plan to get motivated and back on track. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank my friends and family members who have helped and continue to help me. You guys are amazing!

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