Abnormal in a normal society
Posted by spiritus
21st Jun 2018

I have been diagnosed with psychosis and autism, but i am actually an alien, but thats not important right now. I have been thinking for a week or so now that some people with mental illness can't fit into society as it is today. One of the options we have is to wait for society to learn to understand and accept us for who we are, but there is an alternate idea. The idea is derived from the film x men with the xaviers school for the gifted. The idea would be a community that would be separate from society and would be self sustaining including farms etc... to minimise transactions with society. The community would contain a hospital, gym, gardens, living quarters and a school that would not only provide education but also lessons on how to be themselves and to control their symptoms within themselves, without being classed as ill. So i have just come on here to see how people would feel if something like that was to happen and if it would be possible and any problems etc..

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