When I lose Motivation: five suggestions to get back on track by Amanda
Posted by SANE
21st Jun 2018

Here lately I have been losing my motivation. So here are my top five suggestions that I use to get my motivation back.

  1. Make a to-do list: For me I make a small list. Up to five items that I know that I can achieve. Once I am done with that task I cross it off.
  2. Go for a walk: I really start to lose my motivation if I have not walked for a few days. Walking makes me feel good and it gives me energy.
  3. Get a support system: This can be a member of your family, friends or even a mixture of the two. I have a very supportive grandpa, and a great group of friends who listen to me, offer praise, and give me a reason to achieve my goals.
  4. Find a reward system you love: Once a goal has been achieved, give yourself a small reward. Anything will do such as an extra phone call to a friend, a long hot bath, ect.
  5. Decide to stay motivated and to have motivation: I know that it is easier said then done, however for me it is about making up my mind that I am going to get motivated and to have motivation every day. Sometimes that’s the best motivation of all.
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