Posted by ivy
16th Jun 2018

First ever blog- the theme is motivation.

Ok so I feel like my mental health personally has come from all the bad things that have happened to me or from al the bad things that other people have done to me through out my life.

I never asked anyone to be horrible and I never ask for horrible stuff to happen to me, if anything I always try and help other people and protect them because thanks to all the baddies I’m aware of how bad things can be, and that’s what’s making me ill.

My motivation comes from not wanting all the baddies to win and beat me. I could give up. It would be easy to let them win.

But if they win, they will carry on doing what they did to me but to other people and then eventually the world would collapse because it would be full of fear and misery.

So everyday I get up and go out and do one thing to make myself feel better and know that all the baddies haven't won because I’m still here and I will do what I can to stop them and to help other people that have suffered.

One person could have said one thing and it would have helped me or made me feel so much better, and I want to get better so I can be that one person for someone else.

My motivation is getting better so I can fight against everything that is bad and so I can help those that have been hurt.

We should all help and look out for each other and make the world a better place... we all have to live here so let’s make living enjoyable for everyone. And one smile or “how are you” could save someone’s life.

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