Telling my story
Posted by doloreslove
28th Sep 2011

When I was first diagnosed with suffering from Manic Depression, or Bi-polar mood disorder, in 1988, I did not believe it and had never heard of this condition. I simply felt I needed sleep as I could not stop working on my project.

I was 40 years old and was coerced into resigning from my lecturing post, due to my condition - in other words leave before I was sacked.

My brother and I were both clinically diagnosed as suffering with Manic depression and were criminals in our youth. We were both sentence to prison for malicious wounding and carrying a fire arm without a license. How ever I had a bad experience on LSD in 1970 and Jesus actually spoke to me. My life was changed from that moment and I turned from crime, drugs and promiscuity over night, to follow Christ.

Michael who too had taken LSD that night was untouched and eventually ended up serving a 16 year prison sentence in the Philippines on a charge of promoting Child Prostitution, a charge he always denied. He died in the Philippines Jail in 2005 from tuberculosis unable to prove his innocence.

I believe Michael and I suffered many hypo-manic experiences and this condition may well account for the remarkable experiences we had how ever it was our belief systems which condition the way we responded toy our mood swings.

Nothing can be worse than the agony of depression how ever telling ones story does bring a measure of relief

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