my life as it is
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2nd Jun 2018

Here goes. . I've realised I've been living with mental health problems all my life ,from the time that little 5 year old girl hid under her coat for hours in the cloak room and had the whole school on alert to the lonely hours the same little girl spent sitting on the stairs making high pitched sounds in my throat till I was physically worn out.Pulling silly faces till it felt right ,blinking constantly with no control to stop it and not knowing why.As I grew my strangeness grew with me and hindered my life and stopped me from doing the things i wanted to now 48 years old I'm a recovering alcoholic and a survivor of attempted suicide.ive now come to accept that depression and I live along side each other and I've learnt how best not to let it control me.i am currently going through an episode of depression ,but I know it will lift I just have to ride it out .

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