A depression time period: 2015 by Amanda
Posted by SANE
30th May 2018

The year 2015 was a rough one for me. There was no one specific reason why I was depressed, but a combination of events that contributed to my short time period of depression.

First, in late 2014, my beloved dog, Noodles started having seizures. The vet and I decided to try different medicines to help control them, however in 2015 a few days after my birthday, Noodles had another one and I knew it was not fair to let her suffer. On March 11, I had to help her make her final journey. I was sad because my beloved pet was gone.

Another problem that affected me was my weight. Noodles motivated me to walk. It was an activity we both enjoyed together. With her gone, I stopped exercising. I started to turn to food for comfort. The pounds piled on, and when I renewed my new bus pass, I saw a picture that I was not proud of.

The final reason I started falling into depression was the temporary job I had. It was a hard job, and it was made even harder due to a lack of accommodations and reliable transportation. I was miserable. However, looking back at it now I can see a lot of the positives during that time.

I checked myself into outpatient therapy. My therapist came up with a treatment plan to help me get back on track with my exercising and my eating habits. With a lot of hard work, I lost the weight I needed.

Secondly, I was able to use my work experience as a learning curve. I learned that no matter if it’s a temporary or permanent job if the company falls under certain criteria they have to provide reasonable accommodations under The American’s with Disabilities Act.  I learned that I particularly did not enjoy this type of work, however it grew my resume and it gave me a small paycheck.

Lastly, Noodles was not suffering anymore and she is at peace. I had the hope of getting another dog when I was ready.

My lesson during this time period was simple: Try not to get depressed, if you do it’s okay to seek treatment, and there is almost always a positive in your life for you to look at.

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