Depression is Winning
Posted by md
15th May 2018

Depression and anxiety or what ever curse its winning. I thought I had it undercontrol, but I don’t. Over the last 8 years I v change mylife around. I gave up my job after almost 12 years working in retail, warehouses and in kitchen being bullyed in for my learning difficulties. Gave it all up and went to college and the. Did a degree then a M.A. I was told I would never get anywhere in life. I also meet the woman of my dreams and got married.

But depression anxiety are not far behind. I m fighting every day to keep control. I worried I will drive my my friends away with how I feel and same with my wife.

I don’t have no one I feel and can talk to or what I will say. I do think about hurting myself. I find myself more wanting to be on my own rather around people.

I have tryed the doctors but I don’t want medication for this I just need someone to talk to. To listen and not to drive away.

What do I do?

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