Poem - Mental health awareness
Posted by jay.edgar
15th May 2018

Mind feels numb,
Unable to speak.
Questioning myself,
feeling weak.

Trapped in my own mind,
How can this be.

The stigmaís suffocating.
Iím no longer free.

Family, friends & professionals too,
Offering help,
To save you from you.

Help is at hand,
But no hands can help.

This situation youíre in,
The stress youíve been dealt.

Itís not easy. But someoneís there.
To hear your problems, Make someone aware.

Talking to someone,
Itís the release you seek.

Free your mind,
Youíre not weak.

Youíre human.

Lifeís precious,
Something not to wish away.
Always remember,
Itís okay, not to be okay.

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