Why am I so alone
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27th Sep 2011

The sun is shining outside and I envy those who are walking past smiling and chatting. Why can't that be me. I'm sat inside looking out at the world feeling like I don't belong to it. Everyone else is enjoying themselves, have people who care and support them and I feel so alone.
I feel like there is no-one there for me. I have family and "friends" but no-one I can confide in or just talk to, no-one who's there just for me. I can't remember the last time someone called just to see how I was, they are all so busy with their own lives and I'm just forgotten. I've no partner, no children not even a pet. I live on my own and can go days without anyone speaking to me. I feel that when i do manage to make the effort to contact others they are far too busy with their own things, having family dinners, going out, having people round etc.. they say they'll call back but mostly they seem to forget and so I sink lower and lower. They don't realise I'm drowning and I'm too ashamed to tell them I'm not coping.

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