My Top Five Music Suggestions to Beat Stress by Amanda
Posted by SANE
27th Apr 2018

I love music, and to be honest, I could not live without my Iphone or my YouTube playlist.

Here’s my top five song suggestions that helps me stay positive and be stress free.

Unstoppable by Sia: I love this song because it reminds me of the end results of reaching my goals, and that it takes time, and sometimes there roadblocks, that need to be overcome to get there. I really like the positive message that this song brings.

Never give up by Sia: I play this song when I’m at my lowest, and it really cheers me up. I usually play this song in the morning before I start my day. It helps me think about all the goals that I need to set for the day, and how visualizing me achieving those goals can happen.

Whatever it takes by Imagine Dragons: This song also reminds me to stay motivated, and to keep going even when things get stressful. Whenever I play this song I feel stronger like I can take anything that comes my way. I just have to keep setting goals for myself and keep trying, even if something backfires on me.  When I play this song, It takes me back to the times when I really had to push myself to achieve my educational goals, and that in the end, I was able to achieve them.

Confident by Demi Lovato: this song reminds me that its okay to feel stress, however you got to be able to take care of yourself. Sometimes when I’m stressed, it is because I’m low in confidence; this song reminds me that its okay to have confidence in yourself.

Walking on Sunshine  Aly & AJ : sometimes just playing one song from your childhood helps relieve stress. But while the music is playing do not forget to dance ?

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