A Letter to Men by KirzArt
Posted by SANE
24th Apr 2018

A Letter to Men

They tell you man up†

And boys don’t cry†

Show no weakness†

Wipe the tears from your eyes†

They say that you’re feminine when you show any emotion

You must display dominance or they will be a commotion†

You can’t be depressed you must keep it together†

Put a brave face on whatever the weather†

The social expectations forced upon men†

Continues to emerge over and over again†

We cannot place a gender into a box

‘Cos anyone who doesn’t fit is ridiculed and mocked†

Not every man will be the alpha male†

We cannot continue to let toxicity prevail†

Don’t tell your friend he needs to “Man up”†

He’s definitely man enough!†

Get educated, get smart†

Don’t be ignorant and laugh†

Men can cry, they can be depressed†

They can break down, they can get stressed†

Be there for your friends, with a listening ear†

Don’t judge, be open and be kind to your peers.†

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