A Letter to Ask My Friends by KirzArt
Posted by SANE
24th Apr 2018

A Letter to My Friends 

When you ask how I am and I say that I'm fine 

I have a confession and it's that I have been lying 

It's easier to lie than to explain my mood 

Easier to turn to other vices like comfort food 


I don't know how to explain the way I've been feeling 

Everyday I wake up wishing I was still dreaming 

Because the dream world is easier, no complications 

Nothing can stop me I have no limitations 

Back in the real world, depression is real 

It makes me withdrawn and incapable of saying how I feel

It eats me up and life becomes a chore 

And sometimes I just don't wanna talk about it anymore 


I don't want to worry you with all of my issues 

So I tend to just confide in my box of tissues 

Your love is not disputed, I know that you care  

You're one call away and will always be there 

But sometimes it's difficult to be so transparent 

Especially when my behaviour becomes so aberrant 


So I'm sorry for lying but at least now you know 

That I'm not being difficult it's just hard to show..

my feelings inside and how they're effecting me

I'm learning to deal with my problems effectively 

Next time you ask how I am, I won't say I'm fine 

Unless it's the truth, I'm so done with lying 

I'll tell you the truth if my tears are falling 

And if a bad mood comes on without warning 

I'll give a text if I need an ear 

Or give you a call if I need you here. 

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