Self Care Tips By Amanda
Posted by SANE
4th Apr 2018

Hi Blog world,

While I was scrolling through Twitter last week, I came across, SANE, (charitySANE) on Twitter, who wanted their readers to blog about their own Self-care tips. I liked the idea, so here are my top three self-care tips I use.

First, I am actually doing it right now while I’m writing this blog post, enjoying aroma therapy through my diffuser; I am currently enjoying a mix of lavender and fresh linen scent.

Secondly, I enjoy a cup of hot tea in the evenings before bedtime. I usually enjoy any herbal tea. Do you guys enjoy tea? If so, which ones? Tell me in the comments bellow because I’m looking for suggestions.

Thirdly, enjoying a good book helps me relax. I enjoy reading books for a book club I’m apart of. Right now, my book club member and I are reading a book called, “Lost & Found” by Jacqueline Sheehan. It’s a good book; and I’m enjoying it.

This blog has not been sponsored; I just liked their writing prompt.

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