Supporting Your Mental Health with My Experiences
Posted by s.r.crawford
3rd Apr 2018

For years, I have suffered from poor mental health. This means that anxiety has shaken me for as long as I can remember, and depression has sucked the life out of me, time and time again. But I keep getting back up. I keep trotting on. Because, what's the alternative? By constantly proving my anxiety and depression wrong, I feel myself getting stronger and stronger.
However, it isn't enough that I am getting stronger. Not when so many others feel alone and scared, lost in their darkness. No. I want to help pull others out with me. This is why in 2016, I wrote a self-help book.

What is special about this book is that I wrote it as a way of getting better myself. I'd had some trouble getting one-on-one counselling, due to a long waiting list. But one day I said to myself, 'I have been sick before and I got better.' I know how to get better. And so, I started to prove that to myself by writing the book. As I wrote, I did the techniques myself and together the two things pulled me out of my depression.
Later, I then told others about it and they wanted to read it. And so, I self-published it. Since the release of the book, it has helped many people deal with their anxiety and depression a lot better. It has helped to give a routine to their worrisome lives.

I am still battling my anxiety nearly every day, but with the techniques that I’ve learned, and through talking about it, I am able to kick it to the curb and carry on living. And so can you.

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