The Blindside Memoirs 7
Posted by SANE
29th Mar 2018



We all will suffer for our actions, you get what is coming to you.

Like a flesh eating virus, I am slowly being ripped apart.

You know what you’re doing, yet you do not stop?

Hammers smashing me into pieces and you all fail to pick the left pieces up.

It does not matter what we do, we all do this.

Dog eat dog as they say, but does not mean you take pride and joy and privilege whilst another human is left dying at your very ground.

Look into one’s blood shot tear ridden eyes and tell yourself, is this what you really want?

Gasping, finding air to breathe beneath the surface, your eyes are finally opened, silence. I thought so.

None of you realise how much a fellow human being can be hurt and will never forget what has happened to them.

We remember each and every single thing you did, like a dagger to the heart, except that is a lot less painful and bloodier than what you are capable of.

You can never judge a book by its cover, so read every chapter before you make your opinion.

It is not always birds and bees, rainbows and sunshine’s; it is a lot more to it.

The human being was born to do of two things, love and spread intentional hate.

With too much love in the world, we become suffocated and spreading hate then seems to become the inevitable gateway to how reality is in picture and how it should be.

I hope you all whom read this and have caused pain, suffer a long line of horrible fate worse than a diseased death. Let your inner conscious eat away at whatever you thought was the right thing to do like the flesh eating virus you are.

I hope Karma devours you and leaves you limping back to each other, reality suddenly just checked you. You get the picture?

I hope you all feel your mind and soul try to escape and scream through the skin, every single sense attacks you and whilst looking into eyes of another human you just caused pain, I hope you understand that you just hurt your brother, your sister, your mother, your father.

I hope the incinerating acid burns a hole where your dying dark deceiving raped carcass of a heart used to be, and you get a small ounce of sense of just how much you hurt the person so closest to you.

The pain is saying to me, it says I hope you all are left to rot away alongside the evil greats amongst the generations that have been stowed upon us.

You are yourself who you are to know this? Who are you?

The response ‘’ I am neither physical or spiritual form, I am your inner conscious, fighting back against those you’ve left to carry on digging an early grave’’.

Gasp, the tears are starting to flow again, dead ice cold stare into the broken mirror whilst you come to grips which the truth. You finally realise what you just read is yourself fighting against what your emotions are trying to say, and you’re not sure how to take this.

Not even pray into pitiful mercy will be able to rescue you know from the damage you have left upon anyone whom ever tried to help you in your life. Your only hope is to allow yourself to endure the pain inside, and let it eventually kill you and until you then, you will not learn the consequences of your actions.

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