The Blindside Memoirs 6
Posted by SANE
29th Mar 2018


Ice cold stare upon the world passing by, it's going by so quickly even the sands of time cannot catch up with us.

It feels like the world is moving around us when in fact, we are at loose ends to try and moving around instead because it's the only means of any survival.

Don't fall trap in the devil's games, dare him and challenge him, do not fear what life offers, because then it is not really worth living. Be not tempted into the easy escape and prepare to live another unknown life which could only lead for the worse, due down to your own stupid naivety, take your own initiative and stand on two feet.

Prepare for a long battle with your sword wielding in the wind, whilst your shield protects thee from the problems which life does have to offer.

Bruised ego and bruised pride is only one of the symptoms you are living a life without any happiness. Choose not to live by the rules written and act like your top of the pile, for indeed we should all be the same and not so naive to the fact, some will try to concur the land and cage us all like animals. The heart is the mind powerful organ which can prevent all the pain which may come across one's path, as it’s a long rocky road and prepare to bare the thousand suns upon your naked back because it does not get easier.

A true warrior will prevail with great courage and power and ultimate strength like a lion, do not cub away into the bushes hoping the hunter does not catch you, strike when the time is right and seek the moment to show true spiritual and man fearing power which no man or animal can match too. Shredding and naivety in the shadows will only hide thee for a short period of time, the hourglass is running out so step out with god like powers before it is too late, fight back because we are born with the same power, do not waste the abilities you have been given.

Do not wait for the world to change, change this world yourself and only true love can set it right.

Some say peace is dying, but we can bring peace and love back into the world all over again, do not be naive in what is going on around you , rise today , we have the power!



Crumbling Society 

Neglecting has become a personal trait within society it seems.

Fired up by our own blinding pride, we fail to see the pain we are causing to one another.

Hypocrisy has become the norm now a day, yet we fail to still see in our own mistakes, seems easier to point the finger at others does it not?

Don't think we should live in a world where it is tit for tat, otherwise how is anyone supposed to learn a lesson or truly appreciate what the world has to offer?

Truly look hard and deep into the person's eyes next to you, can't you see how the rest of society has caste not only them down, but you as well.

You offer a hand in guidance and help them cross the dangerous thunderous rivers, only for you to be left behind on the other side.

No point sending over the boats and cries for help, for we now live in a world where forgiveness seems to be blackened out and locked up inside a dark cave. The word sorriest means nothing anymore, sorry is a word used for when there are no more excuses.

The human heart has the capacity to conquer the world's problems, it’s the brain which causes these problems, and can you truly live with yourself knowing everyone around you is crying for help, for you and everyone to turn a blind eye to the problem, as they drown within their own sorrow.

I however choose not the bow down to neglect ion and cry in despair because the world is a horrible place, don't be afraid to give your all and be yourself.


For in the end my friends, you want to be remembered for bringing smiles upon a frowning society, rather than be like the rest. So go ahead, Tell the person next to you love them, give them a hug, make them smile, have laughs, truly appreciate those around you, before they become part of this infestation that half the world is a part of.

May you all prosper proudly and live life to the max with heart filled laughs and memories to treasure. Hell I am not be the greatest of people, but I have alongside me the people who make life truly great for me. I thank you :)


You Will Be

Oh it feels like forever

We question how much is real

What is real? Just listen to the heart, for it will lead you to the light.

Don't let anyone ever make question what is right or wrong.

Don't be sitting in your head alone as time goes on

Oh it feels like forever but we have the power to beat everything.

Stones have been thrown in my direction, sometimes we act like we don't care.

Like we are slipping further from what we desire, don't let go from what you really want.

Don't become dead to care, don't leave it all to rest, we have the voices to protest.

Forever is a horrible curse, not everything is going to get worse.

Hold on, stay away before this black hole swallows us all up, leaving only our entities left to remain.

Sometimes we wish to be dead so we can't not feel pain or let our tears.

We must go on , we must go on to live another day.

Wishing upon a quick ending, will not make it all go away.

We have flaws but doesn't mean we should give up.


Oh it feels like forever, forever we will wait.

The inevitable will happen, but your heart is rawring at you.

Blackened soul burning under the light of all that is good

Down on your knees as it all becomes too much for you

We feel like everything is ripping out of us until we do become our worst fears.

By then it is too late , even to save the most fortunate of silver spooned souls.

Sometimes you may need to be wrong to become right.

Our time could be up anytime,  we need to stop the neglect and fight.

Let love conquer all, let's become saviour of our own destinies.

If you don't care, who will save you?


We all have a reason, don't give up trying

Let’s keep on thriving to surviving, you will be.

You will be, you will be.


Don't doubt yourself ever, you will be.

Don't live in denial, you will be.

Don't fight yourself, you will be.

Live as you desire, you will be.


The air tank is running out, then supply is short.

Live on the last of it, don't regret and forget.

Don't look down upon yourself, for you will be.


You will be, you will be reborn again.



If we didn't bother, then what would be the point of breathing?

Sitting here all lost and damned, suffering from the bitter rewards of my actions.

The life and soul is a self-affliction faze, don't fear the reaper's gaze.

Don't let yourself be done, for then really, who has any hope?

The proverbial iron cage has locked me in, finding a way to cope.

The iron wall surrounding our insecurities and fears has broken down

If we didn't bother, then what would be the point of breathing?

Some of us are lions; some of us are lost sheep.

But it does not mean we are invincible from pain.

If you block your true emotions, do you have anything to really gain?

We live in a world where many truly good actions, is cancelled out by something so small which was not your fault.

Judgements have become a natural trait; waiting on fate.

Your voice is silenced.

We turn our heads down so we can shut everything out, but you need to be.

The further you will slip, the harder it becomes to reach up again.

Don't look down upon yourself or anyone else, no one is beyond human.

We all feel pain, we all suffer, and we all wish the worst at times.

But we are human.

We feel joy, we feel triumph, and we all wish the best at times.

We are human, we are the kingdom.

We are human, our success will come.

We are human, act like we are born different.

Don't push away the pain, make every moment count.



Silence, solitude, life passes by me speed of light.

Everything goes by, unaware I’m at fright.

Slow to react to the earth crumbling around me

No time to force field myself and protect.

The pressure is immense and it's about to boil.

Suffering from a distance, left in a coil.

It's shattering to pieces, left to turmoil.

Right now, I'm at an all-time low.

I wish I could just get up and let it all go.

I'm shackled and I can't break these chains.

Stuck in shock and confusion from sunlight till the end of the rains.

My defence is all in vein, failure in anything to gain.

But there will come a day, for which all this becomes void.

Sub-consciously I have become the king of the world and I don't realise my ultimate power.

No longer to run away, no longer coward.

Suddenly, the earth has stopped crumbling.

I stand tall above the rest, victory for the best.

For me to be in silence, does not mean I am the loser

It means I just have won the battle and my patience prolongs to final result.

Now, who is left standing around whilst the earth crumbles and life goes past at the speed of light?


 The Fear and Living in the Abundance

 We fear life and therefore live in fear. 

Living this life of abundance, I float into another dimension.

I walk on and let the world pass by, I know what I need to do.

I stand at arm’s length, whilst I anticipate what the future has ahead.

The Goosebumps are arising as I hear that song of mine.

All is taken away from me, except this feeling as if nothing can penetrate me.

Nothing has harmed me, nothing can harm me, and nothing will harm me.

When I hear that song play, I am protected from my own fears, what fears brings to me.

All this man has in this world, is his grain of thoughts, and the fight against the secular world.

A man shalt not drop tears because of how the world has looked upon him.

A man shall drop tears because of the way he looks upon himself.

If thou are lost inside the abundance, therefore be no help for you.

Let us not slack and conform to what others want us to do.

We are individuals , we are each one crop , within this non-literally field.

We are all beautiful on the inside. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

For they are just as afraid as you are.



We fail to open our eyes and see the real beauty of life. 

There are times in life which you must ''live for the moment''.
Sometimes, living for the moment, just brings down the whole special moment altogether.
We as individuals, decide for ourselves whether we want that short moment which may never happen again, or fight for something even better, long time happiness.
By our own sins, we are blind and all fail to see sometimes, the real beauty in life.
Sure, you live once, but does that prevent you from maybe having some long term happiness?
Each one of us is capable of being able to give or receive love, but when stepping up to the bigger picture, you have do both.
Without giving, how will they feel loved?
Without receiving, how will you feel loved?
Beyond what the real beauty is and choose to ignore, only then the tears come after the laughter.
Hell, some people are blinded by themselves, and deceit people. 
Some people think they will get away with a number of live for the moments; this makes them blind to what true happiness is. True happiness is something you have for a long time, and even when it is gone, you still hold it close and dear to you.
Only if you open your eyes to the real world, and not what you want the real to be, is when you can see what reality is. For when you accept you have made mistakes, only then you can pursue forward.
Holding back , means you will never real accept and move on. It only makes you blinder as you start to avoid the inevitable.
If a man loves a woman, does he not shower her with complete love ? Does he not worship and treasure the ground she walks on? Does he need give his own heart, so that she won't suffer?
Sure, you don't have to agree with me, but does is not make some sense to you?
Some people completely become blindsided, and all together deny and avoid the true beauty, maybe because they are afraid. Everyone is born afraid, only some of us are brave enough to face our fears.
I am going slightly off tangent right about here, but here comes the moral of the story.
One day , you look back and think to yourself, why? sometimes living for the moment whilst having the beauty in front of you all along, can really leave you falling behind...and it is going to take a long time before someone helps you get back on your feet, so don't be blind.

Open your eyes and accept.
The end.

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