The Blindside Memoirs 4
Posted by SANE
29th Mar 2018

The Angel's Sins

 We are lead to believe we will never sin, but we are responsible for this misdeed.

We are fallen , fallen from the sky.

Raised through purity, perfection is our expectation.

We go out into the world lead to belief we shall never commit any sin.

Sins are punished by shame and disappointment upon ourselves.

Yet the belief again, we will never misdeed, but is it far from that.

Rules have been made to be broken, Sins were for us all to sin.

Sin is of moral evil, though we stand up for good, we are the root of breaking sins.

This transgression of divine law, Luxria always crossing our minds.

As we lust for the bodies of others, this intensity breaks us down eventually so much we are left at desperation.

Follows all this, Ira reveals it's ugly face.

We are doomed to believe we are not sinners, far from it all.

For we are like the plague, we continue to spread this virus called humanity.

Humanity breaks every transgression, which causes what is wrong with the world.

We will always misdeed, as Angel's we will always be sinners.


 Breaking of the New, Habits of the Old 

 We yearn to get on with our lives, but those from the past continue to haunt.

Old Habits never die they say.

Old habits eventually evaporate away and should left to be buried.

The past is invisible, though it does not appear in physical form, it can strike us in the mental and emotional state.

We say we have moved on, we say we have arrived into a new path of life. For we are taking this opportunity to try make a name for ourselves again, to show the world what we are capable of.

But it was never so easy as said and done.

Did it just hit you? That's right. What a world we actually truly live in.

Sometimes, it can be that a simple goodbye, may open the gate for a second chance?

Is that real possible?

There are those who choose to rebuild their new path of life, but still on the habits of the old.

The habits of the old tend to pop up to feed of our fears and insecurities just like blood sucking leeches.

They continue to suck until eventually there is no more life inside of us.

All is left is just a trail of all the problems which hid beneath us.

We are only human, there is only so much we can do to better ourselves.

We can go all out, just to put a name for ourselves.

Be deceitful, be dis-honest, tape up the mouth of your heart, continue to let it choke whilst you make all those around believe everything is okay, how you start the breaking of the new, the habits of the old are just a faded memory.

How wrong one can be.

We see into the games which you played, the games which you are playing.

Even those of present and past, just understand what is going on.

I am a mere man, there is only so much I can take from what I see and here.

They say the Chinese water torture is one of the worse ways of taking pain.

Now let me break this gap, let us tear down the wall which is the fourth.

Have you ever imagined what is must be like to be in someone else shoes?

You can only imagine inside your mind what must be running through their mind, let alone imagining the pain they are going through.

The heart has just about managed to break, but because of your old habits continuing to eventually transform you into this venom like monster, that heart's destiny died a long time ago.


 A Final Stab

 So much pain can be over bearing.’’ 

My heart just ripped out from my chest.

There is a gaping whole left where my heart should be.

It's frozen over, pain has filled where the heart used to be.

Why Am I still here? How can I be alive knowing I feel like I am dead?

Please someone just take me away from this all.

I am trying so hard with everything thrown my way, what is the cost of a second chance ?

My tears ? My fear? My everything being thrown away.

I plead for a cry for someone to help.

Please someone, listen to me.

I am shouting and screaming, but there is no noise.

I am left with just my shadow, this is how alone I have become.

The world is a cruel place to live in, it's better at times  we depart into our own world

It's the only place we can be safe and nothing will harm us.


 The Forever Burning Guilt

 Some thing's will forever haunt us and we will suffer no matter how much good we try to do. 

My mind is forever trapping my thoughts, why can I not let them escape.

My heart is on a journey to the surface to scream all the pain away.

I forever am battling with myself to try redeeming all the pain I have caused.

This is a cold unforgiving world I have learnt

We live in such hypocrisy, there is no room for any error.

How about sometimes, we should take time out to forgive others.

Even my tears mean nothing to show how much pain I am in anymore.

I have given my everything, I have even got onto my knees.

We have begged for forgiveness, but we live in such a horrible world where sympathy means nothing.

We all look through our own perceptions, we actually forget that there is someone out there who is genuinely sorry. 

Sorry, what does Sorry mean anymore? It just a word used by someone when they either have nothing to say anymore, or it is there last cry for help. Don't let a dying man continue to die, reach out a hand and aid him and set him back on the track. 

How can anyone live knowing there is someone , practically unleashing all their insecurities and fears and pains they have ever been through, all this hell so that they can see a bit of daylight in someone, that we are not all covered by grey clouds and lightning? 

Don't let anyone continue to burn forever, otherwise your more horrible than any of the mistakes they have ever mad.


 The Understanding

 Through someone else's hell and back, sometimes we have to experience even more hell so they reach nirvana. 

They are laid trapped inside these walls

Unable to escape , they quiver in fear and despair.

Everything has come up against them, there seems to be no escape.

There only resolution is carry on going through hell, surely there is a white light at the end of the tunnel.

For anyone to actually reach the peak of success and joy once again, someone must act as the sacrificial lamb in order for the path to be built.

For if they are to achieve anything and get out of their own state of insanity, one must throw themselves forward.

We shall go to hell and back for them, and hell does not end for some.

The memories lay long inside us, forever till even after life.

Only can we as people try to help each other, but sometimes  a blind unconscious lust for wealth , greedily takes over anything which is good and virtuous.

We whom have been chosen as the lambs, are forgotten in the paths of the successful.

We are the ones who will take no credit, we are merely just rotting corpses, and there is no more need for us anymore.

We are merely to be simply replaced, we can question and fight for justice, but sometimes is there any point?

Sometimes, just to see someone else get out of their own hell, is worth putting ourselves through such torture, even those above are in tremble.

Let me just build the bridge for thee, climb across quickly. It's too late for me, I was already gone soon as you crossed.

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