The Blindside Memoirs 3
Posted by SANE
29th Mar 2018

We All – 12/4/13

Blocked in my mind, sickness in my heart, I will not let my past destroy my future.

Our lives are always being re-written.

We all dream for our names in the stars.

We all wish for our names in lights.

We all hope for our names in remembrance.

We all pray for our names in Success.

Mystified by exorcism of who we really are, everything is taken for granted, nothing now is really appreciated. Life is never what we expect it to be.

It does from time to time bring us to our knees.

Do not shy away from cutting that lonely figure, in the conundrum of soul searching.

For we all are human.

Copyright Arun Kapur 2013


Midnight City Romance – 12/4/13

In the heat of the moment, it’s a midnight city romance.

Empathy was yesterday

The sun sets and rises

With her, that cased shadow in the sky disappears and we drive away into the star studded night.

Copyright 2013 Arun Kapur


Tale of Love – 13/4/13

We cannot always be satisfied.

We are the masters of our fate.

We are in charge, no one else.

Love is not a game to play around.

Love is not to take for granted.

It has so much power.

The power to make us believe in life once again, or to makes to fall to our knees in disaster.

Let us be graceful, keep it ever sounding sweet.

I will not let you go.

My demons I will conquer and defeat.

It can bring life into you, or destroy everything you believed in slowly.

Slowly till you are very much nothing but the ashes scattered at death.

My very existence becomes wasteful, no need to shed a tear.

I feel nothing anymore.

I Love you, I will find my way out of this hell.



We are the masters of our fate. We also lead to our own doom. Take Control 

We say Love is blind.

We say fate is written.

Everything has been engraved in line for us.

When it is still going all wrong.

This, this is still part of our fate.

We lead the life of continuous hope.

It is nothing more than just pity luck.

Luck is for losers.

We make ourselves blind to our own actions.

We forget the power which we possess.

We complain when everything goes wrong, yet sit around feeling sorry for ourselves

Crying is blackmail.

Rotting away, until the self-destruction begins.

Why should we just put ourselves down so much?

No one owes us a living.

Fate is not written for us.

Life hands out to us for us to write our own story.

Leave the life of pity hope.

Take a stand and become a voice.

Become an action.

Before it eats at you away.


In Circles

Saying goes, what goes around, comes back around. Unable to avoid anything in life, everything is inevitable. 

We rely on so much in times of crisis.

We believe Karma will get back at those who hurt.

We believe that everyone gets what they deserve.

We listen to the stories in our head, we thrive on pain of others.

Suffering from the faults and insecurities of others, we wish pain upon others.

Thus this makes Humanity evil. We believe we are so good, but this is a lie.

We are taught to no matter what, never harm for your only harming yourself.

When one feels pain, we go back around in circles.

Everyone is inevitable to destined fate, there is no twist.

We are all caught in a cycle. Pain and suffering is inevitable.

Some choose to live in denial and suffer even more.

We are born to always suffer, to feel anguish.

Thus this does mean we can fight back.

Always on the edge of life, but only because we allow it.

People have become weak. We believe just because we are always going to suffer, we must then take it out on life.

Life is one big test, a test to see if you can beat life.

Though we all will end the same way, we are here to show that we can control life.

Life does not control us entirely.

We are all burdens; we are no different from the person next to you.

They feel the same, they may deny it.

Everything is taken for granted, but we continue to complain life is not fair?

Who ever said life was fair?

It's the way you take on life, is what decides the rest of your existence.


 Note of Desperation 

Here is a note left , read and realize.

Weep not, but open your eyes.

Welcome, this is desperate cry from the real world.

It is surrounded by you, prepare.

I grit blood and bone, broken beneath my throne.

This world is a bigger place than we can see and feel.

When we are alone, there is no light at the end of the tunnel, nothing left to shine.

Escape, escape is nowhere to be seen, we are trapped.

I have been down here way to long, hope is given up.

I feel myself feeling desperate for a way out by any means.

This is what life has brought me too.

Feel sorry not for me, feel sorry for the billions of people who feel the same.

This is, this is the end.

This is now my only way out, to find a way to escape.

My own self infliction has pushed me.

Dark shadows cloud over me which no one can see.

All I want is to be free again.



 Reflection of Neglect

There is no more life left inside.

The reflection in the mirror is a lie.

We all neglect what should be on the surface.

We kid ourselves, make believe we Invisible to pain.

This makes us believe we are Invincible , your simply kidding yourself.

Silence is a great strength, but reveals weakness.

My eyes like a lost ocean, there is still life around me, but so much depression to what I can see.

Why is not me?

Karma is a cliché, used as an excuse for hope.

Hope that one day, everyone will get what they deserve.

Karma is for the weak, action should be taken to show character.

Walking along the fine line, beneath a drop of nothingness.

We neglect to what is truly great in life, the ending is always Inevitable.


Blood, Sweat and Tears

Without Pain, we will never progress and learn. 

Though it seems like some twist of cruel fate.

The only way for progress, is through pain.

If we just sit back and expect everything to always happy, we may just live an almost perfect comfortable lifestyle.

This is not the way we are destined to all continue to breed and progress.

They without pain, there is no gain.

The sentiments will hit you like a nail to a coffin.

If you never accept the truth, the cold hard facts of life, when will you stop being able to live in denial.

We all sorry much about every single action leading to a consequence.

But without Blood , sweat and tears, we all continue to stop still like a statue for years.

If your heart is not into anything, how will your heart understand it's limit of pain?

If your heart is not into anything, how will your head understand it's time to take action?

Without making mistakes, how will you ever be able to establish the difference between right or wrong?

Life is not meant to be always The King's throne , with slaves at your feet.

At times, you need to be that hard working slave, so you understand the true value of what workmanship really is.

For we all need to start somewhere, we all eventually learn the harsh reality.

Once you accept to give to life your blood, sweat and tears, the quicker you become stronger and overcome everything life throws back and.

This instance, you have just become bigger than life.

You have been truly enlightened.

All the pain is always worth it in the end, it does matter.


I Come as I Am

 This is who I am . No point of changing for the sake of acceptance. 




We all fall under this hypnosis, trapped in the spider's web.

We become so lost within every vision we see, that we are forever stuck in this spiral. Grey clouds continue to form, till eventually we are left helpless and unable to defend ourselves from the rain.

I shall not take anyone's side in sake of being accepted. I would rather go out holding my head held high knowing I am me, rather than succumb to your pitiful ways.

Treat us as almost we do not have any meaning anymore, like we are totally pointless.

These internal struggles we are all born with, we begin the question everything.

We plead for the wishbone at every corner, but that is not who you are.

Do not accept the wishbone, just so those around with take you in as a lie.

Time to grow a backbone, it's time we stood tall.

It's time you learnt, it's time you understood life does not owe us anything.

We owe life everything.

Without life, we are not given emotion.

We are not given the chance to love.

The chance to feel pain, the chance to grow, the chance to show the world what we are capable off.

Acceptance of the wishbone, is practically death of one's self identity.

For you will never be true to yourself, so therefore you no longer exist.

You have merely been replaced by a clone of the person you gave into.

It's beginning to turn into a virus and continues to spread.

Be you, be true.

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