The Blindside Memoirs 1
Posted by SANE
29th Mar 2018

Warrior's tears – 5/3/16 : 00:34

Even in the face of battle, the warrior may still shed a tear. Through the suffering, the pride, we are finally here. Broken, shattered, we urge amongst even the strongest of people, never run away from your fears. The path becomes blind, allowing darkness to ascend. The warrior will never back down, for they are so near. No one will understand the path of another warrior, for they are being submerged inside. Fallen so far deep, they become unable to at times prevent their own peril. A warrior's spirit will never die, even once when they awake from hell. A Warrior will live again to us all. Be true, live through the pain and it will become never more.

Darkness falls – 5/3/16 : 00:45

Stimulated and intoxicated, we easily become seduced by what is intimacy, affection and security, yet we are still left feeling consciously dead.  Soon as the light begins the burn out, darkness will slowly to fall. My light shines bright to help me gain my sight. Drunken and left a state, which will pick up what they fail to see? Your soul will search to find itself again in healing, whilst it sings again to be free. Infuriation as soon as the sun beings to set, it feels like it might just be all over. Situation between right and wrong, conflict and confused, the sun will rise again for this your revolution.  Your soul will soar once again.


Serpent – 5/3/16 : 01:00

Slither and sneaks on the prey, carefully picked its target to poison. Even the vultures know to keep far away at bay. No place even in the hottest of hells for you is a throne. They become in a state disillusion, praise you. Madness and they become hysterical, your kingdom once which was left high in the clouds amongst us all, the empire now begins to fall as it is being snatched away. You are a cancer and there is simply no cancer for you, you become part of the brook and now the chapter has been finished. May you become burnt in this book to never exist within my vision or breathe the same air as me again.  Drown amongst yourself; we need not to push you of the edge. Shed your skin and a true colour, Menacing evil has a grin, welcome to your own sin.

Alive – 5/3/16 : 01:12.

Don't cry for me, for before you I was dead anyway. You brought me meaning to why I exist, you gave me something which I been craving, when I was broken, you glued me together holding me long as you could. Life gives us lessons and blessings; you will always be a blessing one I take soon to the grave with me. You made me feel alive, gave me the reason to rise once again and believe in myself. You stopped me from drowning; you stopped me from slipping of the edge. My heart does, and will always ever belong to you.  You will be with me for not in this life, but into the next. I just want your star to always shine bright, even if it is not in my sky. I am alive once more, tears will stream of sadness forever, but you freed me and gave my wings to help fly again.

The Paradox – 5/3/16 – 01:27

Welcome the perfect paradox. For why I stand here when yet it is so wrong at the same time. It seems impossible yet so difficult to understand, but all along it is so right. Who is to tell you what is wrong, when it feels complete to you? Even if you are left unable to read what is in front of you, the book will speak volumes out to you. Heal yourself and close your eyes, let the pain leave your body as with the sins that contained you. Drive yourself far from the edge and never look back.


Bandwagon – 1/8/14  - 18:52

Take no orders, not a slave. My own leader, no bandwagon. Sheep astray, away from the rest alone, never felt more in the crowd. Flying on freedom, don't cut my wings, rattle the cage, door slammed shut into blackout. Bolted and locked, the beast now slumbers.  Tank armoured heart, fuelled by desire and protected by drowning, the fire still burns in the ocean. The anger becomes a mask; reverse the face the mirror portrays something false. I stand an alone figure, even the coldest of beings shed tears from their souls. My glare becomes lost, streaming down my face to reveal the true painting of pain underneath; will this just be a broken dream? Live once, but love forever. Worry no more.


In possession – 13/4/13

I cannot always be satisfied; we are the masters of our fate. We are in charge, no one else. Love is not a game to play around, love is not to take for granted, and it makes believe in life once again. It makes us fall to our knees, so let us be graceful, keep it sweet. Always remember, I will never let you slip. My demons take me in possession, my brain is on fire, to reach victory, to deaf and conquer is my desire. Love will save you or destroy you leaving you for dead. Slowly till you become nothing, nothing but the ashes of what was once hope. Leading your existence to be numb and wasteful, no need to shed a tear out of the fear all is wasted, I feel nothing no more, and I am in possession. I hate you, I love you, and one day I will see you again.

Strangers – 13/4/13

We mistreat those close to us; we live in a world where strangers are more our own blood than those who raised us. Who the hell can you call a friend or enemy? But when we choose to let go, we are left with regret. Hoping one day, Karma will make it all right again. Our souls begin to weep into a stranger’s eyes, they take you in. They treat you as one of them own, regardless of your sin. The clock does not stop for no one, it does not care. The stranger will not judge you, so do not run. Time does not care if you bleeding, begging or trapped in hell, the strangers will protect you and keep you well. We all disappear but the strangers will live to tell the tale.


Innocent – 13/4/13

There should be no excuses; we should face life as it is. Life does not owe us anything; lives of the innocent also suffer as much as evil. Thus sadly life treats everyone the same, we are all similar. Whilst somewhere a life is taken, another is born. It is all a merry go round of joy and pain, whilst the innocent perish, the evil shall remain. Sadly it’s a lonely world, all on your own. Pain feeds of the innocent, but remember something not to forget, we can all be together as one and not forever suffering alone.


Narcotic Immortality  - 13/4/13

Slip into a narcotic state of mind, vision becomes a blur. Sense is lost in translation it is happening too fast, bearing down the grudges which are suddenly surfacing from the past. This prevents us from progression, stops us from freedom, let yourself have a voice before you become numb. No one should be scared to speak, running away and hiding is for the weak. Don’t worry about me, I am on my own road but I will find my way again. Do not fear what you do not understand, for then you may as well fear living. To fear life, death will crawl even closer, make yourself immortal and again you will find belief.


Burial Sacrifice – 2/6/13

Inspiration comes hard and few by. Little hope we now feed off. Clutching the air, it’s a false paradise we are promised everything, left to stumble to nothing. Sin becomes our bitter-sweet saviour as we can only stop and stare, but ever so sadly this adds to the despair. It burns our skin like crawling through the desert. We all love the dream, but remember through vengeance our vision has become sun-washed and placed into the lion’s den for the gluttony of greed.


Call of Evolution – 2/6/13

Who now believes in being in the circle? We all eventually will slip away from each other and left stranded off the bandwagon. You waste your words, you don’t need to bother, and struggles are cut deep me, left further than the stab you left in me. The evolution, we must understand, is our calling it’s our time. This is the call of evolution, step away from it all, Those who too dead care, better get ready to fall. Face fate to a proverbial sentence as we approach the end, We are always battling ourselves, to fight for someone even if you left like a dirt covered beaten carcass with your heart in your hand, hang in there, welcome to evolution join the band. Be Happy do not fight the inevitable, accept what it is and life lived to the full.


Mind & Heart shaped – 2/6/13

There is nothing worse than goodbyes. To care with your mind, there is no voice to protest. To care with whole heart, claws out our flaws until we lose grip. Don’t wish upon the worse for us to be only forgotten memories. I stop and stare this has been repeated, for those who have come and gone. You each have a place in my heart. I hate goodbyes, what is so good about saying bye? The gift of giving is always rewarding, love is prevailing, but it can take a cruel twist of fate as we begin to eradicate. The mind becomes strong with no attachment, leaving us with no feeling. To achieve and defeat the perils lay out in front of you, love forever deeply with your heart; whilst your mind takes the action, treat others as what you see in the mirror reflection.


De-Humanisation of Civilisation – 2/6/13 

Your life you thought would be something of your own. As soon as they are in danger, we rush to their aid. NOW, they own us. I laugh for no reason why, materialism becomes natural to our system as much as breathe and bleed, it becomes an addiction. Covered in this shell, sheltered beneath, we now forced to adapt to this way of living, reliant of technology, what is real human anymore? Functioned to process always to repeat, welcome to the dark ages, to be real, never more.

Blindside – 2/6/13

People like to think they can play God. They like to think they are puppet masters. We are strung under every whimsical yet unimaginable command by these so called ‘Gods’. Feeding their greed, their addiction, their power. Power is a fragile tool to contain regardless of the possessor. I am left blindsided by thought and yet again I am lost. No one is the almighty no matter how high; we are created as one so why would you command from your own flesh and blood? Crimes against humanity you are just a hypocrite. You pounce upon your blood-lust for every sin which is tattooed on your skin whilst you shower your filthy gold and possessions. Offer no cost of you to any of the puppet masters, there is a reason to still hold on and see the light again.


Karma is for the weak – 2/6/13

It is all a massacre, karma is for the weak. It is for the merciful, the passive, those who sadly have no fight left in them. What cruel fate allows someone innocent to suffer in the first place to then lead them to some ‘reward’ of justice? Karma is bullshit. Life is not any longer for the merciful and those of the innocent. They will be shortly remembered for the good they were, but karma rewards the evil forever remembered more. Fear not to face reality for what it really is, stones thrown at my glass house wanting me to shatter, cramped in a small place to make me feel I can’t breathe again. I stand here merciful this is my flaw, everything I strive for painted upon me, across life canvas with wasteful tears. I stand here to paint a picture of just how karma left me for weak.

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