Posted by madweasle
26th Mar 2018

As this month's topic is poetry I thought I'd share one I wrote on a particularly anxious day!! I hope it finds some resonance with some of you. This is my first attempt at a blog, and I'm fairly new to poetry too, so here goes!!

It's called A-deep the Looking Pond

The pain within defines my days, it shapes the time twixt waking and sleeping, controls each moment of consciousness, and in doing so unmans me.

The depths to which I allow myself to be dragged leave me floundering, lungs screaming for air. My mental chains shackle me in murky depths, and from where I lay trapped I watch the world above, little more than the dappled flickers of an otherworldly plane.
Every so often a shard of light breaks through, pierces the veil, extending to me a blinding moment of clarity. In these rare and cherished seconds the world lurches back into focus. My fetters loosen a little and I rise toward the water's surface. As I do my reflection takes form on the underside of the pond above me.
I reach out, yet it remains tantalisingly out of reach, and as I meet its gaze I realise that what is staring back at me is something that I long ago ceased to recognise

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