Posted by Angela McCrimmon
17th Mar 2018

"If you do that I'll kill you"...the worst you could say,
I forgive because you don't understand things my way,
If I have a moment where I just cannot fight,
The urge to harm, I know what's in sight.

I'd be drowning in shame for you and for me,
I'd do everything possible so you couldn't see,
To let you down you had made it so clear,
The guilt I feel now, I don't want to be here.

You told me how much I would let you down,
I must silence my harm and not make a sound,
For I cannot take the chance you will hear,
I'll push you away if you try to draw near.

"You'll be the death of me" another great phrase,
You don't understand the part my head plays,
In convincing me everything will be alright,
If I give into the urge and don't bother to fight.

You think your words will make me stop,
Infact they'll do more than you thought,
They will simply serve to intensify,
The tears of red that forever I cry.

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