10 Things to Help Someone Suffering with Depression: A Short Guide
Posted by SANE
16th Mar 2018

I tried not to be sarcastic in this one!

Here are a few things that will (hopefully) make your mates/family/peoples that lil’ bit more positive.

Nothing difficult. Just try them.

1. Text them. Nothing long winded or overly-sympathetic, just something short and sweet.

2. Invite them out for a coffee or something to eat, or just a general outing.

3. If they’re not feeling up to an outing. Take the outing to them! Visit them and plan a ‘home comforts’ day.

4. Be there for them.

5. Listen to them. Sometimes this is better than trying to give advice.

6. If they don’t want to be pestered, leave them be. Don’t take it personally, they probably just need time.

7. Equally, don’t let them push you away. This is so easy to do and they won’t realise they are doing it.

8. Patience is a bloody virtue.

9. Try to educate yourself on depression, this may help you understand their world a bit more. Shows how much you actually care too, lovely gesture.

10. A hug never hurt anyone!

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