Thank You To My Community Team by Claire
Posted by clairerpb
6th Mar 2018

I live in The Netherlands and I wrote this poem for IBT, a fantastic team that visits patients in the community in an effort to keep them out of hospital. They were amazing.

It's the end of six weeks of your valuable support,
So I would like to tell you what your visits have brought:
At a time in my life when I couldn't make it alone,
It was with great relief I welcomed you into my home.

Although you were strangers, at least at the start,
It was good to offload what weighed on my heart;
Your questions were endless and so often the same,
But they helped me continue to play life's game.

‘What have you eaten?’ reminded me that I had not,
‘What do you still enjoy?’ showed me all I have got;
‘What have you done today?’ told me I hadn't been out,
‘How are your kids?’ gave me something to smile about.

Often you apologised for your English mistakes,
My compliments for your language skills you were unwilling to take;
Yet I don’t underestimate how fortunate I am,
That you all spoke my language in a Dutch speaking land.

During moments of crisis, your presence was so calming,
Even when my feelings were, for me, so alarming;
And during moments of positivity, because there were some,
It was good to chat about Italy and holiday fun.

A banana has now become my I.B.T. symbol,
Because one of you made an important point so simple:
To eat one, when not hungry, was a vital small step forward,
Showing willingness when recovery was tough and awkward.

To a team of thirteen strangers, who I know well yet not at all,
I thank you for helping me get up from my fall;
I hope not to welcome you into my home again,
But for all the right reasons – it will mean I am sane!

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