Thank You to my Departing Therapist
Posted by clairerpb
6th Mar 2018

When I embarked on this journey, nearly a year ago,
Of the challenges that lay ahead, so little did I know;
Frightened and vulnerable, I was led through your door,
Apprehensive and nervous about what was in store.

To start with my attitude was rather off-hand,
As I feared you were too young to truly understand;
I made quick assumptions that were totally unfair,
Expecting you’d be naive and disinterested, unlikely to care.

How wrong I was, as my first crisis soon showed me,
When your skill and your softness were so clear to see;
That simple gesture of moving close to my side,
Brought so much comfort as I shook and desperately cried.

As the months passed, they were so many moments like these,
As I struggled my way through a range of crises;
Panic attacks or phone calls, break-throughs or confessions,
Your calm and professionalism were there in every single session.

But your presence has been felt far beyond your four walls,
Preventing many more hopeless, disastrous falls;
In moments of panic, faced with making a choice,
I’ve often heard, and listened to, your reassuring voice.

I have to admit it’s been quite a rollercoaster ride,
And from some of my ‘let down’ moments, I simply cannot hide;
Your reactions ranged from stern to very cross,
When you quite rightly pointed out exactly who was boss.

I apologise for this but hope you’ll remember me with some affection,
To upset you in any way was never my intention;
I hope you’ve enjoyed our sessions as much as I have done,
Amongst the tales and tears, I think there was also some fun.

So thank you Katy for an incredible year,
In which you’ve helped me overcome a number of fears;
I will be forever grateful for all you’ve done for me,
And I wish you great success wherever you will be.

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