The Fog Descends by Claire
Posted by clairerpb
6th Mar 2018

There's no way to resist it, though I didn't want it back,
No way to see through it, such vision I lack;
No way to clear it, I don't have the power,
No way to fight it, I simply cower.

It confuses and concerns me, muddling my mind,
Hopes of logical thinking left far behind;
It gnaws away and numbs me, leaving me flat,
I don't even care now to cower or combat.

The fog becomes darkness, the blackness is intense,
Of what is happening around me, I can no longer make sense;
Dominated by thoughts from which I'm desperate to hide,
Why does the only way out now seem to be suicide?

With a plan in place, some calm returns,
The solution is there to soothe the pain that burns;
An end is in sight to this hideous nightmare,
Soon it could all be over, if I dare.

But then the blackness is broken by the touch of a hand,
Its softness distracts me from what I have planned;
It's followed by a hug or a whisper of gentle support,
Bringing me back to the moment and more positive thoughts.

A decision taken has now been swiftly undone,
A glimmer of hope, for the moment, has stepped in and won;
I'm relieved but frightened for I can still comprehend,
That soon that fog will again start to descend.

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