Posted by meera859
5th Mar 2018

I stretched up to the sky one day.

And in response,
The Earth wrapped her tendrils around my ankles.

And she said to me -

Fly if you must but one day you will fall.

And when you fall your skin will tear,
Your knees will bruise,
Your heart will feel small.

When you fall…

Your body will break,
Your stomach will ache,
Your hands will brown,
Your smile will frown,

Your feet will be sore,
Your hair might fall,
Your tongue will taste bitter,
Your spirit will be down.

You may not want to speak,
Nor know what to say.

You may want to do nothing,
But stay down all day.

But when that happens, she said -

Lay down.

Lay down and soon you will crawl.

Soon you will walk,
Soon you will run,
And on the way you will fall.
And on the way you will crawl again,
Walk again,

And maybe, if you're lucky, one day, you will soar.

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