Why is Mummy Sad? A Poem
Posted by SANE
26th Jan 2018

Once upon a time, in a house not far away,

Lived a little girl called Poppy who loved to laugh and play.

She ran around, jumped on things and climbed up tall tall trees,

But most of all Poppy loved huge snuggles on Mummy’s knee.


Sometimes Poppy noticed that Mummy wasn’t really there,

Well she was... it’s just her mind seemed somehow constantly elsewhere.

Mummy sometimes seemed to worry about things inside her head,

And when she did that Poppy felt it was perhaps something she’d said.


Some days Mummy wouldn’t get out of bed at all,

But Poppy could not understand because she was too small.

On bad days Mummy might cry and cry, Poppy couldn’t work out why,

Was there something she had done or something else she should have tried?


But here’s the thing that little Poppy simply did not know,

Her mummy’s feelings had started a long long time ago.

Long before Poppy and her brother had been born,

Long before mum and dad got married that summer’s morn.


It was time for Poppy’s mummy to explain a thing or two,

“None of Mummy’s feeling have anything to do with you.

Mummy has an illness which sometimes makes her sad,

It can make her worry about all sorts of things and see everything as bad.

It’s not something that I can control or something you can see,

Mummy’s poorly’s inside her head but will get better, trust me.”


“So it isn’t me?” asks Poppy, whilst sitting on Mummy’s lap,

“No my beauty, it isn’t you, now try to have your nap.

I couldn’t love you more my love,” said Mummy to her girl,

At which point Poppy’s heart began to spin, jump and twirl.

For all this time she had thought that she was making Mummy sad,

But in fact that wasn’t true, it’s just Mummy was feeling bad.


As Poppy tried to get to sleep she thought about what they’d said,

She lay and wondered how she could help fix her mummy’s head.

“Before you go,” said Poppy, as her mummy closed the door,

“What can I do to help you so you aren’t poorly anymore?”

 “Well said Mummy” as she came back in and sat down on the floor,

“A bit of time and patience... I can’t ask you for much more.

Because Mummy has help from a doctor, from family and friends,

And everyone together is helping her to mend.

Poppy if you want to help the best thing you can do,

Is keep on loving me as much as I keep loving you.”


And with that Mummy smiled and kissed her on the head,

While Poppy slept peacefully in her little bed.

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