What does it feel like?
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20th Jan 2018

What does my depression and anxiety feel like?

My depression
It feels like sadness mixed with numbing, mixed with being a deer frozen staring at the headlights, with a dash of being exhausted and a whole load of feeling like you're on a deserted  large stone in the middle of the ocean, and as the waves whip at your legs it stings and the fear you have because you know the tide is coming in.

My anxiety
My anxiety feels like the awkward one in the group. The one who answers "thank you" when someone asks how you are. Like not wanting to leave the house because you don't want anyone to see you, or thinking that it would be nice to just up and leave and start again but knowing your anxiety will follow you. Like doubting a piece of work you know you can do because you don't feel good enough. 

Anxiety is the bigger, tougher and meaner brother of depression.

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