Wells by Paula Matthews
Posted by SANE
8th Jan 2018

Do you remember that well I fell in to?

I’ll never forget you calling down there,

keen to pull me out, but you mustn't.


It was anger. Resentment and exhaustion

got me lodged there. I was stuck

for one to trust, and you trusted that


I would become lighter, then I’d rise.

Just for good measure, you laid down

at the deep’s edge. Lonely company,


Smelt rotting first fruits with me,

spoke softly, making echoes,

blinked, peered, stared, saw in the dark


While I talked and talked a ladder up

within your reach. You didn’t waste

a moment, then. You held fast while I hauled


The meaning out of wells, until I realised

who I always was; one falling, reaching,

climbing up on ladders made of words.

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